Thursday, June 26, 2008

When we Met

I met David for the first time in July of 2006, inside Beso del Sol. It was the first night I could go out for salsa dancing since moving to Seattle. I worked at 4am most days, so it was a fluke that I got to come in late on Friday.

I took a salsa group class, and then David asked me to dance immediately afterwards. We were a bit awkward together, but turned around the dance floor as best as we could, without stepping on each others feet. I remember his luminous smile and kind eyes, and not being able to tell whether he was Mexican or Indian. We talked at the bar nonstop that night. I was surprised at how easy it was.

"I'm not dating," David told me, saying he wanted to wait a year after a difficult breakup before getting involved with someone new. It was then we became fast friends, and he handed me a card with his phone number.

Two weeks later I called him, and we went dancing at Triple Door. After that we started taking private latin dance classes three days per week at the Washington Dance Club. We were inseperable, dancing, going out to eat, learning about Seattle, talking on the phone. It was wonderful being friends those first few months, before starting to date officially in October of 2006.

It's been almost two years, and I'm just as happy as ever. Our feet move in time now, and so do our minds and hearts.

How did you meet your significant other?


Lisa said...

That is so SWEET! What a wonderful story. I think you two are amazing together.

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

This is such a great topic Kristin. Thank you for sharing it. It makes me smile and it makes me happy just knowing that you found true love.

So have I. Andy and I met through an "intervention" with a mutual friend and became buddies before we really started dating.

He is the love of my lifetime. All the way to the dirt nap for me! We have mutual respect, admiration and love. We work as a great team.

Travis said...

it simple and wonderful to read :) I love it.

Curtis and I met on we didn't meet for 3 months.

I knew he sang in a choral group...and I accidentally went to this choral concert with another friend..only to think 'who's that hot asian guy?'...and then realize..'its the same guy I've talked to online for the last 3 months wow, he's even hotter in real life...we need to meet'

We went to Sushi two days later and haven't been apart since.

He's my partner, my lover, my missing piece. We're in it to win it for the long haul.

Kristin said...

It warms my heart to see how happy my friends are! Seems like some things happen by "chance", but are so perfect that you have to wonder.
I love hearing stories of how people met, thanks for posting reponses :)

McJumpguez said...

My turn!
Isaiah and I met through a mutual friend (Leland) that I had a fading crush on at the time. Apparently, I had first met him months earlier, but since it was after graduations, I was kind of dead.
Fast forward to a Jackie Chan movie, a group of Leland's friend all went with us. Isaiah crossed the movie theatre and sat right next to me. I was very weirded out to say the least since I didn't know this dude. As the commercials started, he instantly put me at ease by saying "I hate commercials in movie theatres" and I was sold. We talked about the previews and how I was moving to Mexico. What really sold me on this dude was that he was man enough to admit that he liked Chicago the movie. I was love at first admition. It will be 5 years in August. We've had our ups and downs, but what always brings it back is how easy it is to talk to him and how we instantly clicked as friends. I hope to spend the rest of my life going through the joys and excitements, as well as the anxiety of daily life.

Lisa said...

And some of us are still hoping....

Anonymous said...

The universe moves to answer one's wishes....once they are articulated, and space held for them to show up! Being a single parent with an almost 18 year old son, I didn't want to date much, wanting to just be there for him and not add complexity to his life. Well, now that he is mature and has a girlfriend of his own, my mind began to wander towards men again, and what type of man and connection I wanted (actually, I've been daydreaming along these lines for months). This approach differed from randomly meeting people and being attracted to their personality, energy, appearance, etc., without forethought of what I wanted. Well, my dream was articulated....and one Friday night I even took an E Harmony test - for my brother had luck meeting a woman this way. I previewed the matches and didn't relate to any. Ah, well, I thought. Well, the very next night I accepted a random invitation to a potluck at a friend's house, who was having people from his work over for an international dinner. (I hadn't even intended to go, but another friend called and said, "Paula! You need to come! Get out and have some fun!" to which I thought, yes, he is right.) I talked to many nice people, with no awareness of who was single and no intention of meeting anyone. BUT - there was a man I shared warm smiles and chemistry with, and I learned he lived a few blocks from where I play drums at an African Dance class on Monday nights - and he said he would like to come and watch. Well, he showed up promptly, and our (surprised) mutual friend was there as well. Not only did he watch, but he ended up playing with us - he'd never drummed before in his life! Way to go, no ego, just a spirit of fun and some obvious rhythmic talent. After class he carried my drums to my car and shared the real reason he'd come was to see if I was single and if he could take me out. His smile and the warmth of his eyes made it an immediate and curious YES. Well, we've been dating and have such an astonishing amount in common in terms of interests, background, energy, everything, that it has been an extreme sense of flow. I think that the universal energy got my message, saw me take the E Harmony test, and said, "Nah, Paula - let me show you what WE can give you!" Cosmic? I think so. I have never so instantly adored someone on a deep level; he's like a clear body of water that you can see to the bottom of his soul. ~ Paula