Monday, June 23, 2008

Texas, Part One: Castillo Family Party

I am finally back in Seattle after a whirlwind Texas trip. Just looking at the water, mountains and trees here is like breathing fresh air. I had a great time on vacation, but am so very glad to be home. This vacation was centered on being with family, and not as much about the sightseeing. On Saturday was the big family reunion at David's Dad's house in Austin.

Below you see a delicious pico de gallo salsa and black bean dip. We also had tostadas margaritas, sangria and for dinner brisket tacos.

David experiencing his Mexican roots, and I'm joining in! Below that picture is me with one of David's sisters and his stepmom.

It is also a family tradition to play volleyball every reunion. It's a lot of fun, except for the grass in Texas is full of STICKERS. Everyone kept telling me not to bounce or roll the ball.

Here is David enjoying the newest member of the family. Cousin Caleb is only 4 months old and didn't cry the entire picnic.

Below is a picture of me with David's family. His four sisters are above, and his Dad and stepmom sitting next to us.

Another picture of me and the sisters. From left is Linda, Marjorie, David, Me, Grace and Mona.

Coming up later in Texas, Part Two...I'll show you some of the limited sightseeing we did in Austin.


Travis said...

Welcome home, we missed you!

That Pico de gallo looks amazing (wow like HALVES of little tomatoes!!!)

Was this the first time you'd met David's family?

That can be fun, but very intimidating.

Kristin said...

I've actually met all of his sisters before (two live in Washington state). But I got to meet lots of extended family, and get to know the immediate family even better. Luckily, I REALLY like all of them.

McJumpguez said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of fun. In those pictures it looks like you could be in my extended family, haa haa!
I tell ya, we're going to have kids that look similar, hee hee. Hopefully they'll be best friends!

When I went to Mexico at age 9, we too had a family reunion. Unfortunately, I coudln't enjoy it cuz a) I was little and had never been around drunk people so it scared me and those drunk people were shooting guns. So yeah, little scared me just wanted to go home =/

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

WE MISSED YOU. Love the photos and it looks like you were well fed. Nothing like authentic Mexican food.


Sue said...

Welcome home! Wow, that food looks SO GOOD! Your pictures reminded me of my family---lots of food and cousins!