Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hidden Cove

There are so many secrets on Bainbridge Island, just waiting to be explored. One that David and I have found is called Hidden Cove, a tiny park and dock that extends out into Port Madison. And it's only 1.7 miles away from our house!! We brought my Dad and Kathleen there, and set up chairs and brought our dinghy. I think I have found a little piece of heaven on Earth, surrounded by trees and glassy water, and wildlife. While at Hidden Cove we saw a deer and her fawn, an otter, and a great blue heron.

In the picture below, my Dad broke the paddle after slamming it into the water, like they do on white-water rafting trips. He had to paddle back "manually". hahaha.


McJumpguez said...

Omigosh! I want to visit so bad!!! That looks so nice. We gotta find a weekend in August that is nice and sunny, and with or without boy, I'll be there!!!!

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Just HEAVEN. Thanks for taking us along. I love Bainbridge Island so much-- the nature and beauty and also the little Independent Bookstore there. Just a GREAT store with beautiful chapbooks from local poets.

Travis said...

Hidden Cove... it sounds like a setting for a novel.

it looks like you had such fun!

Colleen said...

Beautiful pictures! You live on paradise!