Thursday, June 5, 2008

The City of Roses

Portland is the city of roses, a gem nestled near the Willamette River, hidden between the peaks of Mount Hood and the purple Coastal Range. I do miss this city I still call home, and realize I took it for granted when I lived there. There is parking everywhere, either on the street or in Smart Parks, which only cost $1.25 per hour. People drive the speed limit, let each other into the lane ahead of them. There is public transportation galore. I think Portland had the Max Train built about 15 years ago, and now streetcars link the downtown core to the trendy Pearl District, and 23rd street. One truly does not need a car in Portland.

miss the International Rose Test Garden, the Japanese Garden, the Chinese Garden, the Oregon Zoo, and the mutlitute of delicious restaurants with friendly service and 1/4 the price of Seattle. I miss the thrift stores and vintage stores and the funky Hawthorne and Belmont districts.

I've lived away from Portland for a few times in my life, and I always end up going back. In college, I moved to Eugene, but by the time my junior year rolled around, I went to Portland every weekend. I lived in Mexico for three months, and was incredibly homesick. Then after college I moved home, and got bored with the city. It felt too small, there was only murder and rape news stories to cover, the people didn't seem interesting enough.

But now I realize how wrong I am. Whenever I go to Portland, I take a deep breath, relax, and realize how lucky I am to call it home.

If you've never been, she will welcome you with open arms, with the scent of roses on her breath.


McJumpguez said...

Hey, I live here too! There is no where else I'd rather be . . . I haven't really tried, but there is something here that just says "home" how long I've stayed, or how long I've been away. I remember flying in from Mexico numerous times and seeing the lights from the plane down below and thinking "home". Or driving on the freeways at night, the lights twinkling off of the reflections of the water, the night city, open for business.
I love it here and am proud to say I'm an Oregonian.
You made me totally nostalgic and I live here!

And nope, I don't really drive much anymore =)

Eric Slocum said...

Love Portland. It has all the best attributes of Seattle without the HUGE HASSLES!

Travis said...

Portland is an amazing city. You can never be lost there...the street grid and quarter system makes it impossible

danielskiffington said...

We are glad you like Portland. Although we never want you to leave. So maybe you can just visit every so often and stay up here in Seattle with us?!!