Sunday, June 1, 2008


This white-faced dog is 14-years old. His owner dropped him off at Furrytale Farm because he moved into an apartment that doesn't accept dogs. This is beyond me. How does one love a dog for 14 years, then give him up like he's a piece of furniture? This dog is old and tired, and looks at me with those big brown eyes, asking "Why me?" When I stand near him he rests his head against my leg, not wanting to run after the ball I throw. He walks slowly, lies down a lot. He probably won't be adopted due to his age, and will wander around the farm until he dies. I scratched behind this dog's fuzzy ears often, I want him to know he's loved.

Here is another dog that I loved today. He is a 10-year old fuzzball, with wrinkly elbows and matted fur. I got several brush fulls of fur from his coat, and whenever I stopped, he'd stare at me with grateful eyes, then put his head on the floor and moan. His fur was thick and dusty, but as I kept brushing, his beauty was exposed. The dirt and old fur caught in the teeth of the brush, and out came glossy black. I believe everyone and everything needs love for their true potential to show.

I also played with the puppies again today, which are much bigger than last week. Their 14-year old owner has had an upset stomach for a few days now, and refuses to nurse. The puppies are fed milk four times per day out of a bowl. They are such delicious bundles of joy, just learning to walk. Some of them tumble over their own big feet, then yelp in surprise. They growl with tiny voices, and clambor all over my legs like its a jungle gym. I tried to take some pictures, but the pups were moving so much a lot of them came out blurry. I also took a short video.

I love playing with these animals and showing them that they're special. Every one of them has a story to tell, just like humans. One dog is a Hurricane Katrina rescue with a huge swatch of fur missing from his neck. Apparently the dog was impaled while running in the woods. His name was "Pellet" when he came to the animal sanctuary because people shot at him with pellet guns in New Orleans. He took a long time to warm up to me but rewarded me by sticking his butt in my face. Gotta love dogs!

I also got to clean out poop from the horse pasture. It was another great day at the animal farm!


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

What a great way to spend a day-- surrounded by animals!

Travis said...

In my experience people are often 'cat people' or 'dog people' and while they may have both...they are really deep down one or the other. I am a dog-person...and seeing reading that 14 year old dog's story brought tears springing to my eyes. In my house (growing up as well as today) dogs were equal to kids...period.

Anonymous said...

I'm crying too about the 14-year-old dog. And I wonder if the owner loves the dog very much and couldn't bear to think about losing his love to illness or old age. I wonder about my own 12 year old girl who has a white muzzle and is slowing down. It is so sad. I am so glad you are able to give love to so many who need it.

danielskiffington said...

Good work Kristin. I wish I owned a dog. I want to kidnap my parent's dog but my dad (especially) would not like that.

McJumpguez said...

I'm not an animal person. I respect them, but I'd only get a dog if Isaiah wanted, but I still find it heartbreaking when a dog is given up, or hurt. Gosh, that 14 year old dog you spoke of, made me so sad but I'm so glad you are there for it.