Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dad's in town

I'm so excited that my Dad and his girlfriend are visiting Bainbridge Island from Portland this weekend. It will be his 5th time up here in the two years I've lived in Washington. He loves riding the ferry with me, and my everyday commute turned into a tourist adventure. It's fun to see the ferry through different eyes, to stand outside on the deck and witness all the beauty of Puget Sound. I'm proud to share this place as my home.

After the ferry ride we got home to a wonderful spread that David prepared. On our buffet table was artisan cheese, a plate of crackers, shrimp sauteed in butter, an assortment of olives, and tomato pesto soup. That was the appetizer.
For dinner we had steamed halibut and barbecued steak with garlic bread. Amazing meal! My guy is getting to be quite the cook!
After that we talked, danced (I taught my Dad a few salsa steps), and played all sorts of percussion instruments. It was great fun, and now I have to decide what to do today in this beautiful weather!


Lisa said...

You and your dad have the same forehead, nose and smile!!!! How cool to have him visit!

Travis said...

have fun, what a great weekend to have your dad in town!

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Thanks for taking us along. Hi Kristin's Dad!