Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Flying Heritage

Today I went to the media preview of the Flying Heritage collection at Paine Field in Everett. It features World War Two fighter planes from FIVE countries. Above is the P-51. I talked to a veteran who flew this actual plane in the war, and he recounted stories of shooting down German airplanes.

The airplane below is a Japanese fighter plane currently getting fixed up. All these planes are in flying condition.

Here is a picture of bits and pieces of planes in the museum.

I like this picture, showing the old and new technology.

The below picture is a missile with a COCKPIT. They tested this flying deathtrap out in Germany, but never used it in combat because there is no way fro the pilot to eject. If the pilot did try to eject, his head would get sucked back into the engine.

The below plane has wings that fold up, so it can fit better on an aircraft carrier.

The below plane is from 1919, and is the oldest plane in the building.

I just like this plane because it looks scary.


danielskiffington said...
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danielskiffington said...

Those planes look awesome, Kristin. I wish I fly in one.

Eric Slocum said...

Just incredible. You know, one of the great benefits of journalism is exactly what you posted.

McJumpguez said...

Oh! I bet isaiah would love this!

Colleen said...

Excellent! What a fun day. Being a reporter is great.

Travis said...

great pics!