Friday, June 13, 2008

This story makes me SO MAD

Man arrested after river tragedy leaves soldier, mother childless
A mother's decision to take her young sons boating with a male stranger on the swift-running Nisqually River on Thursday has left the 5-year-old son dead, the 9-year-old son missing and their father - a soldier serving in Iraq - with no children. The man who operated the boat was arrested.


I'm sorry, but what mother in her RIGHT MIND would put her two small children into a boat on a swift running, freezing river with NO lifejackets, with an absolute STRANGER who's been DRINKING. How many children have to die because of the senseless stupidity of their parents? Sometimes I wish there was a parenting license just like a driver's license. Stories like this break my heart. These deaths are tragic and unnecessary, and will case pain to many, many people. This mother will also blame herself for the rest of her life, and will live in agony.

I am literally steaming right now. The news biz is so dang depressing sometimes.


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

You know Kristin, over the years, one of the main questions I get is: "Does reading the news depress you? It's so much bad news." YES. I always answer. It's stories like this one that if is impossible not to FEEL something in the delivery. Heartbreaking.

Travis said...

my dad (who's a cop) has always told me...sometimes you just have to do you job and things won't get to you. But every once in a while a story (or a case) should get to should make you mad, or cry, or something. But if you go an entire year and you don't feel something for a single story and everything is just part of the job..its time to get out...because you are losing your humanity.