Thursday, June 12, 2008


When I first stepped into Babalu in Wallingford, I felt like I'd taken a step back into the 1950's. Huge crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling, mirrors plate the wall, and the entire place is bathed in diffused orange light. There are circular booths and two golden bars crowding an already tiny dance floor.

When the live salsa music began I was suddenly transported to Cuba. David and I got up to dance, claiming our 2 by 2 slice of the dance floor. All around us people shook their hips and threw their hair, each trying to outdo the other for more space on the dance floor. I felt sweat on my forehead as I moved in my tiny space, concentrating on making perfect turns, tucking in my elbows, smiling joyously. The music shakes the core of my being and I can't stop moving, even if I try. I banged into other dancers, a thrown heel here, a bumped hip there.

The place was filled with phenomenal dancers, and equally phenomenal people-watching. One barrel-chested man with a big face wore a sport coat the entire time, and when he took it off, I realized he had a negative butt. Another woman looked like a beautiful African Queen, with short curly hair, and clothes that draped over her body and moved along with her swaying hips. Every person I saw was stunning.

I love live music. The drums, the cowbell, the keyboard. When I dance the salsa I feel like I'm home.

(too bad I am REALLY tired today since David and I didn't realize there was a ferry at 10:55pm, and we ended up stuck on the 12:15am ferry)


Travis said...

going out on a 'school night' isn't what it used to be. but damn that sounds like fun!

McJumpguez said...

That sounds really fun. I miss those times even though I never lived them. They always sounded fun when my dad told stories though.

Anonymous said...

What's a negative butt? Did it say bad things to you?