Monday, September 1, 2008

You can tell its a slow news day when....

1) All the top stories are national
2) You get naseous from scrolling up and down news websites
3) The reporters are doing stories that are 3 days old
4) Four reporters leave the newsroom to get pizza
5) You get carpal tunnel from clicking the mouse
6) You watch the same hurricane maps over and over
7) You call your significant other 5 times
8) You spend way too much time reading blogs
9) You spend way too much time thinking of blogs to write
9) You are raptly interested in the Republican National Convention
10) You get up and walk to the bathroom 5 times per hour
11) Then make a separate trip to fill your water bottle
12) Your make sure all the sentences are lined up in blog lists
13) You pray for breaking news or a travesty
14) Then immediately feel guilty for wishing wrong on people
15) Your don't miss any calls even though your cell phone has "all sounds off"
16) You can't believe you're writing a list about this and quickly sign off blogger in embarrassment


danielskiffington said...

Haha...times never change!

Travis said...

sounds about right for a labor day in the newsroom

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Yeah, but we got pizza.

Colleen said...

You got pizza? Jeez... lucky. All I got was a rude email from someone saying, 'you're not supposed to be working.'

Lucky mee.