Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I've always thought a good relationship means you can live with each other's quirks. Some people's quirks are so annoying (chewing gum loudly, farting nonstop, breath that smells like roadkill, holding a fork like its an axe, etc), that I could never live with them. Other quirks are cute, and are much easier to live with. David tells me what's cute now, will be flat out annoying in 10 years, and I bet he is right. It might be annoying after 2.

At first, he thought it was kinda "funny" that I'm rough on electronics. He, on the other hand, worships electronics. He stares at the latest Blue Tooth and Cameras like they're gifts from the heavens on the ceremonial altar of Circuit City. I, on the other hand, hate electronics. It's like we have dueling particle charges that mess up our internal systems. I throw remote controls, set our camera on the table upside down, drop my cell phone on pavement and break the screen (I hope no bosses are reading this). Now, not so funny.

At first, I thought it was "cute" that David has fast fingers. He has a tendency to tap on anything and everything around him. I used to join in, sometimes we'd tap out beats together. Now, when we're driving to the ferry in a HUGE rush and I'm stressed out and hyperventilating, he'll pound and tap on the steering wheel, the stick shift, the door, playing imaginary beats no one else can hear. It makes me want to throw myself out of the car at 50 miles per hour. Instead, I just grab his fingers and hold his hand so it can't tap anymore. Breathe, Kristin.

I've learned that these small quirks come with the people we love, its part of the package deal. Our families have quirks, our friends have quirks, our significant others have quirks. I am trying my very hardest to be more mindful of the sacred electronic devices around me, and I'm also trying hard not to be annoyed with tapping fingers. It could be worse, much worse. (a chorus of loudly smacking gum in my ears. Kill me, NOW.)

When I think about our relationship and all the wonderful things we share together, a little tapping and electronic throwing won't ruin things. If we can get through that, we can get through anything.


McJumpguez said...

Ah yes, quirks. I know I have mine. But I can't quite think of anything interesting, all I know is that Isaiah and I are full of them! Oh wait, here's one: Isaiah falls asleep at the drop of a hat. He's a sleep on the couch in his clothes right now!

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I am a walking quirk. I don't know how Andy lives with me. SOUP SANDWICH.