Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's been good, ferry.

The Bainbridge Island ferry and I are about to celebrate our one year anniversary. There have been up and downs, like any relationship. The ferry has shown me the beauty of Puget Sound as it rolls through charcoal waves. It has taken me past the large bodies of barges pushing throught mist to distant locations. It's gotten me within 500 yards of Orca whales, and dozens of feet from harbor seals. It's stood me up and left me frustrated, dejected and angry. It's spiced my hair with sea salt and blown wind in my eyes. It's taken me through disgusting sausage sandwiches and delicious microbrews. It's shown me what community means, as people talk and laugh and recognize each other on the way home. It's taught me to write again, to enjoy my moments of solitute through self-expression, not loneliness.

I've thought of breaking up with the ferry, of driving my perky red Yaris instead. It would be so much more convenient, " I tell myself. No more missing the boat and waiting an hour for the next one, no more frantic rushing in the morning so I make the the last call. I could stay out late on the weekends in Seattle and not worry about an hour commute home.

But I can't leave the ferry, this big beast of a friend. My travel companion, the vinyl seats so familiar, the sound of the engine so soothing. It's been good, ferry, it's been good. "Here's to another six months". (we're signing the lease tomorrow)


Lisa said...

You live in a magical place. Good for you for renewing the lease!

Travis said...

makes me wanna move to Bainbridge

(growing up living across Rich's passage from BI over on the Port Orchard side..I used to daydream about growing up, working in downtown seattle, getting rich, and doing the exact commute you fact I used to 'play ferry commuter' using my bike as my car and the deck we had over looking the sound as the ferry)

Kristin said...

Move to Bainbridge, its cheap! My commute is $30 per month, and our rent is cheaper than most apartments in Seattle, in fact, David's sister pays more to live in a 2-bedroom apartment in Redmond!

McJumpguez said...

Oh wow! Six more months! Yay. Maybe I can actually get Isaiah to go up there with me this time =)