Monday, September 22, 2008

I dream in Wii

I've never really worried about the economy or government spending. Right now, I'm worried about both. I can't believe that the feds are about to pass a 700 billion dollar bailout package, when during the Clinton Administration there was actually a surplus. Thoughts of the economy and all the struggling people living in this richest of rich country kept me awake last night. And to make things worse, I was dreaming in Wii. Yesterday, I played lots of Mario Kart, and you can choose to play with real people around the world. Well, I was dreaming that this world was real, and that someone was trying to upset our government, and create a new economy. The people in my dream were Wii characters, and everything looked cartoonish. I guess this is a symptom of playing a new 3-D game, where the controls make you feel like you are INSIDE the televison. I can't imagine what virtual reality games will do to us one day.

Anyway, that is my rant about the economy, and I can't worry about it too much while I'm on this beautiful ferry. I'm completely distracted by the clouds, which are dark and brooding on the horizon, yet lift in pink puffs to reveal a light blue sky. The water is choppy gunmetal, and we are surging through, leaving the island, on our way to Monday morning. I'll never, ever get sick of this view.

One other thought before I go. My right arm and shoulder are actually sore today. I'd like to think its from when David and I emerged from our cave to go play some REAL tennis, but I know otherwise. I think when I play that damn game I'm swinging the remote as hard as a tennis racket, with no force on the other side, and its taxing muscles that I didn't even know I had!

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danielskiffington said...

Kristin. When one of my housemates got the Wii two years ago, I played non stop for a couple of days and I literally was sore from it. I mean everything: arms hurt, back hurt, you get the picture. It's a sad, but true reality.