Saturday, September 20, 2008

A night in cuba

Last night David and I went island hopping, from Bainbridge to Cuba. The Bainbridge Island Performing Arts Center was transformed into a hopping nightclub. Tables with white cloths and colorful centerpieces crowded the stage, and a 9-piece salsa band belted out Cuban rhythms as white legs flashed on the dance floor. David and I haven't been salsa dancing in weeks, but remembered our patterns on the dance floor. I even got to dance with the instructor, who spun me around and complimented me the entire time. I'm so glad I haven't forgotten everything!

When I go to events like this, I fall even more in love with Bainbridge Island. We shared a table with two very nice couples. It's so different from a nightclub, where everyone is trying to hit on each other, and nobody cares about making friends. Here, we chatted up these two couples. One we think we could be friends with, and David handed over his business card. They are young and hip and exceptionally down to Earth. Man, I LOVE people from the Northwest, especially islanders.

The faces of people here are so different than a typical nightclub. They are nicely lined with wrinkles from smiling, the expressions are pleasant, and you can tell no one is trying to show each other up. It was the perfect date night, with good people, good beer, and a fantastic band called Trombanga.


Melissa said...

My parents lived on Bainbridge when they first got married. It was a little red and white guesthouse on a larger estate. You used to be able to see it from the ferry. She has similar nice stories about her time there and the ferry:)

Kristin said...

Welcome to the blog :)
It's just so wonderful to be somewhere that feels "communal", where people care about each other. It's the way communities were meant to feel, I think.

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

You are very lucky. That's a wonderful place. Since I moved to Seattle in 1990-- I've always thought-- when I'm old and gray I want a place there- a getaway.

It's just magical. Every time family or friends come to visit-- they always want to ride the ferry over there and I'm only too happy to take them so I can go to that incredible bookstore!!!