Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I used to like the doctor's office

But not anymore. I'm STILL trying to find a good primary care physician after being here over two years. I've been to a couple different docs, but neither of them "jive" with me very well. I need someone who is warm, compassionate, and caring with a gentle demeanor and kind eyes. I had that in Portland, and now I can't replace her. I had been going to the same family care group for YEARS, decades even. It's comforting to know there's a place with all your records on hand, a doctor who KNOWS you, a staff who's quick to answer the phone and schedule appointments. I asked a couple coworkers for recommendations, and here is what I got when I called:

"Oh, that doctor doesn't have any appointments until November."

"That doctor isn't taking new patients."

"Hmm, try again in 2020".

FINALLY, I used my insurance card to find doctors on the plan, and called probably a dozen doctor's offices until I found an appointment, and here is what the damn receptionist told me:

"You'll have to fast. Nothing but water from midnight on."

FAST!! WHAT?? Are you kidding me? The thought of being without my coffee, cream, sugar (I know, bad) for 5 hours in the morning makes me feel sick and caffiene starved already. I'm also addicted to breakfast and am shaky and grumpy without food.

"But I don't want to fast, I got blood work done recently enough."

"Well, to establish care the doctor will want your blood work, and for that, you have to fast."

I felt like I wanted to cry. What if I don't WANT my blood drawn right away? It's a traumatic experience for me. I want to be the one deciding what my doctor does to my body, and my doctor in Portland never forced me to do blood work :( . Anyway, I'm sure I'll get over it and go get it done because I need a doctor. But I'm wondering, is this normal? Did your doctor make you fast?


Colleen said...

Go see Dr. Santosa Ho in Marysville. I know it's a drive, but he's WORTH it. He is everything you described in your blog and then some. Shoot... I can call him and tell him I need medication for this and that and he'll just call it in. No need to come into the office. He's wonderful, really. I refuse to see anyone else.

Travis said...

i need a good doc too. I haven't had once since I left my parents house. sad. i always end up getting a recommendation and then discovering the doc is a total loser for many of the reasons you list.

i used to have better luck with dentists, but now even my dentist here horribly.