Tuesday, September 9, 2008

There's something about morning

When I'm fully rested, sitting at my desk of dark wood, sipping coffee with splash of cream, the morning is still outside my window. Not a leaf quivers on sapling trees, as they await the golden brush of light. I love how the sun slowly fills the sky; it spreads bright yellow along the horizon as sleepy blue awakens above, and both combine in a watercolor painting.

It's in the morning (when I'm fully rested), that my brain is also still, and creativity flows. I always dream of sitting here at my desk and writing books, as thoughts enter my head as light the sky. But do all writers have this fear? That what they write isn't good enough, what if people won't want to read it? What if the plotline doesn't flow and characters won't develop? What if I can't even think about anything to write?

It's hard to plot a fiction book when I'm busy plotting my next news story. It's interesting how the two mediums collide, my brain has to be taut like a trampoline at work, bouncing words and ideas quickly and efficiently to make a deadline. When I write creatively, my brain is light and fluid, swirling ideas around like fine wine, taking its time. When I get off work sometimes it's difficult to switch modes and write creatively, but I know one is preparing me for the other.

The morning is so crisp and pure, a time to start over, another day full of new experiences awaits. There's something about morning that's so peaceful; the world is standing still, even if only for an instant, and I can stand still with it.


Anonymous said...

THAT is an example of your writing talent! :-)

I think it is normal to sometimes feel conscious about our self expression. But if you are speaking from your heart and like what you write, it is good enough. When I used to work on my catalog, I wasn't sure it was good enough - so would have other people read it, who always came back with comments and suggestions, sometimes that negated what my instincts told me. This made me feel even more unsure and when I made their changes sometimes felt further from my own voice. But the last 2 times, I accepted no opinions and just have made it a complete self expression, and have been more satisfied with it and had more positive feedback. Because it is me and what I give, and people see that. So know that your writing is what you translate from reality with your own unique view, and you are very talented with it, and when I read your writings like that I know I am in the presence of a talented writer who makes me feel something and see pictures.


Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Kristin. You are something. This description-- as Paula mentions-- is incredible writing talent.

You will be my hero one of these days when you're on the bestseller list and I'm still out there pushing my boring memoir.

You are so talented, my dear.