Wednesday, September 3, 2008

T Minus 3 weeks: Phantom

I've been obsessed with Phantom of the Opera as long as I remember, even though I've never seen the musical or the film. Imagine my glee when my company announced a pre-sale for the show, and I purchsed two tickets immediately. This was back in May; now I'll meet the Phantom at the end of the month.....well, actually next week when he comes to the studio for an interview.

When I was in my early teens, my Mom would blast the soundtrack of Phantom of the Opera in our living room. I listened to the music on my discman, learned the words to my favorite songs. When Rod Strickland was traded from the Trail Blazers YEARS ago, I'd sit in my room and sing, "Think of Me" to him. I'd record my singing on the tape recorder and play it back, upset I didn't sound exactly like Sarah Brightman.

Phantom of the Opera appeared in Portland while I was growing up, but it was always sold out. I went to New York City with a couple friends a couple years ago, and alas, Phantom was SOLD OUT.

Now, I get my chance to be enveloped by the Music of the Night, to revel in the voices and song, to feel the music vibrate inside my ribcage.

Over the weekend, for old times sake, I blasted Phantom of the Opera in my living room. David sat upstairs, humming along, probably wondering why there was so much stomping going on below. I danced to the beat of the opening song, and mouthed the words to "Think of Me", because I was too choked up to sing along.

Phantom, I'll FINALLY be meeting you soon.


Travis said...

Ive never seen it either...and I'm very excited!!!!

McJumpguez said...

I was supposed to see it this weekend, still not sold out. But I might not. Who knows.

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

It is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. I saw it in Canada, New York, twice in Seattle.

You will LOVE it.