Thursday, September 4, 2008

Here I come Jazz Alley!!

This month will be "date month" for David and I. We haven't been to Jazz Alley for almost a year, so I'm thrilled to be going tomorrow night with my sister and her friend, who are on summer break from the University of Oregon.

If you haven't been, Jazz Alley is a world class club hidden in a midtown office building. A tiny sign points the way, and well-dressed people linger outside a door leading down, down, down. It feels like I'm headed to a secret place during prohibition, to eat good food, drink good wine, and watch amazing jazz.

I first went to Jazz Alley with David almost two years ago, and had a surreal time. We saw a crooner who sings like Frank Sinatra, and spent more time staring at each other than at the music. We went another time and saw conga-drum extrodianare Poncho Sanchez, and people danced to salsa jazz in the aisles of the intimate dining area.

I can't wait to dress up, put on high heels, and head to the club tomorrow night. I also hope to inject a little culture into two young, bright college students, who probably have never been to a classy nightclub.

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I love Jazz Alley. Have fun!!! I love the space since they re-modeled it a few years back.