Sunday, November 2, 2008

When I just love the rain

I'm standing in a warm kitchen right now, smelling this amazingly intense Minestrone soup simmering on the stove, as rain slashes angrily against the window. The colors outside are muted and dark, blending together with the rain. Inside, it's bright and happy, comforting. Now the hail breaks through, the wind pounding it against the ground and walls of my house.

My favorite activity to do on a rainy day is to make soup. I'm making an Italian Minestrone, one of Giada's recipes, she is on Food Network. This minestrone is special. There is diced pancetta, tomatoes, swiss chard, a parmesan cheese rind and a fresh sprig of parmesan. I love those extra ingredients I wouldn't normally think to add to Minestrone. The smell is intoxicating, filling my small kitchen with simmering onions and garlic. I'm going to serve this soup with grated parmesan cheese, crusty bread, and a little bit of red wine on the side.

I've never seen a storm this ferocious in the Northwest. I'm so glad I love my house, it's the perfect place to be.


Melia said...

Must be a soup day I'm making Barley Albondigas Soup:)

Melissa said...

That's Melissa :) Not Melia

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

We're in the soup over here too Kristin. Andy made his "famous" deeeeeeeee-licious lentil soup.

A favorite of mine.

Lisa said...

Can I come over for dinner? It sounds like heaven!!!