Monday, November 10, 2008

Something to look forward to

It's about time I planned another vacation. I've taken a couple days off work here and there to go to cities within the United States, mostly to visit people. I want to be selfish now and take a vacation just for me and David. A LONG vacation, I'm thinking 10 days. And hopefully the boss-man will let me take the time off near the end of January, early February, for both of our birthdays.

One itinerary we're throwing around is to head to central Mexico where I spent 3 months in 2001. I can't believe its been so long, and I'm having this deep craving to go back to the place I call my second home. We would land in Mexico City, spend a day there, then take the bus to Queretaro, and spend a day or two, then a bus to San Miguel de Allende, and spend a week. I lived in Queretaro, but want to check out San Miguel since that might be a place David and I might like to live someday. I hear its magical place in the mountains, with lots of art and beauty.

Another place we are thinking of is Florence, Italy, but tickets there are twice as much as Mexico, so I'm not sure if we'll do that one or not. David says its the most beautiful city in the world, so that is tempting. Round trip airfare is $742 in late January, which really isn't bad for Italy. Choices, choices! I know I'll be happy anywhere I get to go.

It's so important to have something to plan and look forward to. Our last big trip was to Europe in 2006, so it will soon be almost two years since I've taken a week or more off work. I really need it. I love being a reporter, meeting new people, writing, thinking of creative ways to tell a story. But my poor brain is saying WHEN....WHEN can I just take some time to heal and refresh. I really can't wait. I'm jumping up and down inside. I'll keep you posted as to what location we choose!


Colleen said...

First try, then once you buy your tickets do, which will track the price of your ticket and help you get a refund if it drops. Next... go to italy. You won't regret spending the extra dough. Kris and I had only 4 days to spend in Italy and we still think about it to this day. It's easy to take day trips to other cities too, like we went to Sienna. Do it!

Travis said...

700-bucks to Italy?!?! yea that's a fantastic price.

I've never been to Florence, but I've spent a lot of time in the rest of Italy (Rome, Milan, Venice, the Italian Alpes) and its an incredible country....filled with magic, joy, and wonderful people.

I understand though about 'returning home' ... I lived in London in college my junior year and still consider it my matter how many times I've been back its always the first place I want to consider when we travel :)

McJumpguez said...

Hmmm, I don't know. It's a toss up. I've never been to Europe, but you were *just* there (2 years ago). So perhaps it's time to head back to Mexico? I think you guys would really love San Miguel. It is beautiful, but not for me. I'd only be able to hang out there for 3 days, but I can see you guys loving it!

- A - C - said...

I think I am rather biased here.. and I have never been to Mexico (my fault).. yet I still advise you to fly to Italy.
In my opinion there are many more treasures outside the main stream. Florence is rich and bountiful but you'll find that walking through the smallest villages crowning a distant hill, or in the the silence of a cloister resonating with church bells, that there still is a different way of living.
Ok ... I was carried away by my own thoughts.
Btw, January isn't so becoming if you plan to travel around, unless you are a fan of museums. it may be rather cold and rainy.

happy vacation

Donna said...

For me, it would be San Miguel de Allende, hands down. But then, it has been the "home of my heart" every since I first found it in 1989.

A physically beautiful setting, great weather most of the time, colonial charm, cobblestoned streets, gorgeous centuries-old churches, warm-hearted people and color, color everywhere. And a lot going on--concerts, lectures, plays, films, gallery openings. You could do half-a-dozen things a day and not run out. Or you can sit on a bench in the Jardin and soak up the sun and do nothing much at all. Your choice. Wither way, you will meet interesting and friendly people.

If you want to know more about San Miguel, check out

Lots of photos!

Paula said...

Yes! Good idea! Uncle Bill & Aunt Barbara like San Miguel, and just spent some time in a Spanish immersion class there - you can talk to them. I hear it is wonderful and artsy. What great choices - one next year, one the year after. Yeah it is very good to completely check out of the normal routine, and you come back with a new perspective. I felt that way even going to California to visit my parents for 3 days. I can't wait until I get my work situation to where I could disappear for a long time!

Paula said...

PS - and if you need to know more about Florence, remember Adrienne was living and studying art there, so she could give you some current scoop. You could reach her through my work E mail.

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I love planning overseas travel AND I do all my own booking which is a blast.

I find some great deals. Have a great time with the planning. That's a big part of the joy for me.