Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's amazing how one can love a little ball of fur so much. I remember when I first saw my cat, Lexi, lying behind bars at Petsmart. She purred like a furnace and walked back and forth, pressing her body as close as she could to me within the confines of her cage. She was a bag of bones, her fur in dire need of brushing. I knew immediately she was my kitty, and I was her person. My Mom bought her for me the next day for $60 for an early birthday present.

Now my little fluffball is a very overweight 3 year old. Above is a "before" picture, before she packed on the pounds. I like to say its all fur, but both her and I know that's not the truth.
My Lexi has so much personality, and I also think she's a little slow, but I love her anyway. Here are some reasons why I like my funny cat:
1) When she wants me to wake up, she sits near my face on the bed and gently pokes her paw at me
2) Then when I open my eyes, she is staring at me intently, then meows
3) When I get home from work she rolls onto her back, exposing that lolling stomach to the sky
4) She lets me cuddle with her like a stuffed animal, and hold her feet while she sleeps
5) She's okay with herself, even though she's fat
6) Sometimes she can't figure out how to open doors with a simple head bump
7) She meows constantly, and has all types of meows and I know what they all mean
8) She gets tired of playing with her toys after two seconds, then rolls onto her back and expects me to dangle it over her head so she doesn't have to move
9) One time she got doo-doo stuck on her fur and was so scared of it she couldn't stop running around the house
10) She lets me brush her and cut all her nails without a protest
As you can see, I love this Lexi!


McJumpguez said...

I was there for the doo doo incident! That was so funny! She sped down the stairs on her butt! Haa haa! I love your cat too. She's the first cat that's made me ever consider having one.

dog grrrrl said...

She does look like Aknot (or Lord Aknot Huffington Smythe the III) she must be part Himalayan.

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I just love this entry so much. I love dogs and cats.

It's all the little *behaviors* that absolutely fascinate me.

I could sit and watch them all day long.

Lisa said...

I wish I could hold her feet while I sleep. That's so SWEET! And remember....she doesn't think being fat is bad. That's just human insecurities we put on her.

She's a full-figured girl and loves it!!!

Paula said...

I love my cat - a good, smart, curious, athletic tabby cat - unobtrusive but a good companion. There at bedtime to curl up next to me, often in a lovefest of purring and begging to be pet, licking my hand in return; there right next to my head once I first stir in the morning. Always excited to see me when I come home - my son, too. Will sit on his computer monitor and watch him do homework. BUT - very low maintenance and self sufficient. PURRRfect. Cats rock. (I've had mental, crazy ones, but good cats rock.)