Friday, November 14, 2008

Ok, I'm Obsessed

Yes, you guessed it, with Mexico. I've made my decision and it has to be Central Mexico in late January. I've asked for EIGHT DAYS off work, and including weekends, that's going to make us a long trip. We're going to fly into Mexico City, spend a day there, then catch the bus 3 hours to Queretaro (where I lived for 3 months) and stay for a day or so, then onto another bus for 1 hour to San Miguel for Allende, where we will spend the brunt of our vacation.

I have chosen to head to Mexico in the winter for a variety of reasons. It's sunny, around 70 degrees, as opposed to Europe in the winter, which is about 50 degrees and can be cloudy and rainy. I'd rather save Italy or Spain for a spring or fall vacation down the road. I'm also considering moving to San Miguel de Allende with David at some point, and want to check out the city to see if I love it as much as Queretaro. I also want to attend Spanish classes or conversation practice daily on our vacation, and take some cooking classes. San Miguel de Allende is an international city; expats from all over the world make up about 15 percent of the population, the other 85 percent is Mexican. I think it will be comfortable there for David, who doesn't speak any Spanish.

I think think the Central region of Mexico is FAR different than the beach resorts. I may be wrong, since I've never been to the beaches, but people who have tell me they are very touristy, with constant activity every day, and everyone speaks English. The culture is largely lost. Central Mexico feels more like Europe. Streets are clean and safe, the architecture is magnificent; reminiscent of Spain, and in San Miguel de Allende, of France. People smile and are very kind, and know how to party at night. Dancers fill the "Center" often referred to as the "Zocolo," or "El Jardin". Random musicians pop up on street corners. You can buy food from neighborhood vegetable stands. I just love it there, and can't wait to return to my second home.

I also can't wait to take a billion pictures and update all my blogger friends daily.


McJumpguez said...

Omigosh! You just reminded me of my dream! Isaiah and I were in Puerto Vallarta on vacation! Haa haa. Must be all this Mexico talk.
I really want to see your take on San Miguel. It is an absolutely beautiful place, but I felt *really* out of place there, probably because of my skin tone, which leads to me wondering how well David will feel there.
There is a language school there just up the street from the Jardin, I can't remember what it's called, but I used to live right across from it. If you can, make friends with the local ex-pats and get invited over to their homes. This houses are AMAZING. One has no idea what's behind those wooden doors. Many of them are like museums and some had been photographed for home magazines.

Lisa said...

I've never heard of San Miguel before. It sounds just wonderful! I'll be doing a little Googling now, to learn more about this place. I can't wait for the billion or so photographs!

Joni Gordon said...

You might want to check out a beautiful documentary film that was filmed in San Miguel de Allende, but which is really universal in its appeal. Lost and Found in Mexico describes what appeals to Americans and Canadians when they move to a third world country. It talks about how "lost" some of us are in the first world!

Kristin said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Joni. I can't wait to go to San Miguel!

Emily said...

I am so excited for you and David! (and perhaps a little jealous?). Having been to both beach resorts and La Ciudad de Mexico, prefiero las ciudades que no tienen muchos extranjeros (had to throw in un poco espanol para ti :p). As you know from living in Queretaro, an experience in Mexico is much more meaningful when you get to see, taste, touch, and smell the local culture as opposed to laying on the beach and getting wasted on overpriced margaritas (which you can do in the U.S). You'll have to take lots of pictures for us!

danielskiffington said...

Kristin. That is so awesome. Travel, travel, travel. Travel while your young! Okay, so I'm younger than you and its weird that I'm giving you advice, but do it! I'm so excited for your trip!