Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Every Computer I Touch Turns to Stone

I wonder how people lived before computers. I'm beginning to get a notion of those prehistoric times, since my poor laptop has been in the electronics hospital for days now. I sit on the ferry, actually reading the pages of a book or magazine rather than flipping through the electronic pages of my favorite websites. It's been a bit of a relief, living an hour every day without technology staring me in the face, but it's also forced me to neglect my blog. I love spending time on the ferry reflecting about my life and my day, and writing a blog is the perfect way for me to do that. While "computer-less" on the ride home a couple days ago, I was tempted to scribble some thoughts down on the blank side of an old press-release, just to WRITE. I haven't written a story with a pen and paper for EONS, I don't know if I even remember how.
Today I decided to grab my personal laptop and bring it on the ferry. This laptop is a little bit decrepit because it doesn't work without the power cord. Bad battery, and I need a new one. Anyway, I took the computer out of my backpack, plugged it in, and tried to turn it on. It's black face just stared back at me, blank and vacant. I turned that thing over and over, making sure I had the power cord in the right h0le, but to no avail. The crazy laptop was working JUST FINE for me at home, and now when I REALLY want it, when I REALLY want to write a blog, it decides to laugh in my face and say, "See, reading a book made out of paper is good for you."
I must have some electrical field around me that scrambles any device I have in my possession. The IT guy at work just came over, and said he's been trying to reboot my poor work computer for 3 hours now. My personal computer is sitting lifeless in my backpack, in dire need of a battery-sized recuscitation. Why do I kill every computer I touch?
Anyway, I hope to get back on a blogging roll again soon, as soon as one of my TWO laptops decides to function.


danielskiffington said...

I feel the same way. Then again, I pretty much have a love-hate relationship with technology. I love that it can be used to communicate and stay in touch. But I don't like that its everywhere, all the time. That is why I blog only once or twice a week now.

McJumpguez said...

I totally agree. It's useful to stay in touch and a lot cheaper than a long distance phone call to a relative for me, but at the same time, I'm just tired of it making life "easier" and making humans more "distant". We no longer interact with each other and I fear that once I decide to get internet at home.

Travis said...

I'm a technology fan...i am MUCH closer to my friends and family thanks to email, blog, text messaging, instant msngr, mobile phone, etc... the only thing I HATE is twitter.

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I'm a blog addict and a news addict.

But it's a holiday and I wish you love and joy.

Happy Thanksgiving, Kristin. I'm grateful you are my friend.