Friday, November 28, 2008

My Head is a Sack of Potatoes

I absolutely, positively can't concentrate at work today.

Maybe it's because I got up at 445am yesterday and am still recovering

Maybe it's because I played the Nintendo Wii (Mario Galaxy if you must know) for hours on end on Thanksgiving Day, so much that my neck hurts, my eyes hurt.

Maybe it's because it's a holiday and I have an innate sense that "there's nothing going on" and "nobody's listening".

Maybe it's because I drank wine yesterday. Hmm, yeah, that's probably it. Nothing's better than drinking red wine with Mario, and jumping from world to world, flying through the Universe, defeating mushroom enemies. Nothing's better than gathering Power Stars, getting electrocuted, falling into Black Holes. And then living to tell about it.

I'm trying to concentrate, but forget what I'm concentrating on. I start writing a story, and forget to finish it. I even forget which blog I want to read next. For now, I'll call it "Aquarius Syndrome". Aquarians are supposed to live most of their lives with their heads in the clouds. I'm glad I have something to blame my spaciness on. Thank you, coworkers, for putting up with me today.

I want to go eat some potatoes now.


Travis said...

im there with cadet right here.

Paula said...

Gosh, and all I can do instead of Wii is play with my Google Adwords Campaign. :-) My head isn't full of potatoes but I WANT some potatoes.

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Some days in the noooooooooooz biz are automatic blow-offs. Day after T-day is one of them.

Lisa said...

Amen! My head was a bowl of MASHED potatoes yesterday. It's a miracle anybody made it through. And after Cindi Rinehart train-wrecked her way through that mall-shooting comment, I was completely done!