Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I admit it, I'm jumpy

Yesterday a "terrorist threat" shut down the Seattle-Bremerton ferry run for several hours. Police officers and the bomb squad searched the vessel from stern to bow, and didn't find anything, so dismissed the threat. But still, this type of thing lingers on my mind, and today my heart starting pounding onboard the Tacoma.

First of all, I saw sort of a sinister looking man walk by with a heavy bag, who moseyed down to the kitchen. He seemed to be casing the boat, looking left and right. Immediately, a woman in a ferry uniform ran past at full speed. I'm sitting near the Crew Day Room, which became a hub of activity. Ferry personnel ran in and out, the Captain called the Second Mate over the loudspeaker. For several heartwrenching seconds, I thought I'd hear an explosion come from the galley or I thought they'd tell all passengers to move to a certain part of the vessel, or that the vessel was sinking. Then I heard the captain say, "Are there any doctors onboard? Are there any doctors?" Then I knew it wasn't a threat and had nothing to do with the man who walked by, so I immediately breathed easier.

Apparently there is a man onboard who was having a seizure. I can't see him, but I can see all the crewmembers surrounding him, and a doctor who stepped forward with his bag. I think he is doing allright now because all the ferry personnel look much more relaxed.

I'm mad at myself to overreacting to seeing this "suspicious" man on the boat, but immediately following a "threat" on one of the other ferries, I'm at a heightened awareness. It's weird that my mode of public transportation is considered a terrorist target. Yes, I do think about it every so often, but have faith in law enforcement and intelligence that it won't happen.


McJumpguez said...

After having a threat the day before, I'd be jumpy too!

- A - C - said...

These are the real effects of terrorism. Attacks are rare and unlikely, still our life changes in a subtle yet noticeable way. For the worse.

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

We live in strange times.

When we watched those buildings explode years ago -- it was surreal.

How could this be happening?

You are human.

danielskiffington said...

This reminds me of my flight to Tel Aviv. 30 minutes before landing, all passengers are required to stay in their seats for security reasons. About 25 minutes before landing, the captain came out of the cockpit to switch with another pilot (standard for long-haul flights). But while the cockpit door was open, this guy sitting near me in first class jumps up and starts walking up to the cockpit. For a few minutes he refused to sit down. I already had my game plan ready. Hot coffee on his face, throw blanket over, and start punching him as hard as possible. Luckily after a few flight attendants confronted him, he sat back down. Crazy!

Paula said...

That is strange the Seattle Ferries would be considered a terrorist target.....but in any case, "terror" as some of these folks dish it out is "terrifying" and would make one jumpy if one thought it could happen in one's space. I felt sensitized and less at ease after 911 - I mean those things alter your sense of security and even reality - though that has improved over time.