Monday, December 1, 2008


This is probably the ugliest picture I have ever taken. Which is beyond me why I'd post it on my blog. I do think it's pretty darn funny though, and is typically how I feel on the inside. It also reflects my thoughts about STILL not having Internet at home or on the ferry, which makes me feel incredibly far behind with both work and blogging.

Hopefully this image will appease "Ferry Diaries" fans for awhile.

I took it on my Mom's Mac computer, while celebrating her birthday at her home in Portland. I cooked butternut squash soup, my sister made green beans and tomato, Mom made twice baked potatoes, and her boyfriend made roasted chicken and cole slaw. It was a really fun birthday, and so wonderful as always seeing my family, and hanging out in my hometown. We always end up acting "weird" and taking a billion crazy photos, then laughing about them.

Too bad I don't have more decent photos of the trip. This is what you got. Be glad I didn't post more.


Travis said...

its like the funhouse mirrors at the carnival!!! hehe, love it :)

Paula said...

I don't think that is ugly or frightening - heck, you guys look very happy, and the camera just took it further than you could without a little "help". "-) And double heck, you guys like to act weird anyways, so now you can look weird, too! :-) :-) The joys of Mac Photo Booth!
Does your other computer not access wireless?

Kate said...

Great photo - it reflects how I feel all the time ...
Kate x

danielskiffington said...

My parents got two mac's last year and I spent way too much time taking pictures like this one. They are hilarious though!