Friday, December 19, 2008

I knew it...and.....YUCK

Covering the snow and ice in subzero temperatures at 5 in the morning took its toll on my body. My scratchy throat started on Monday, but I still felt reasonably good. Tuesday and Wednesday it started moving into my nose and lungs, and by Thursday afternoon, I felt I was ready to explode. No amount of DayQuil or NyQuil could ease my symptoms, hence the white mountain of tissue near the bed. I absolutely HATE calling in sick in the news business, but I know I'd be out in the ice again this afternoon, and I just can't do that to my body. Plus I don't want to expose all my coworkers to this junk. Poor David. He's stuck at home with me.

Seattle was a madhouse yesterday. The snow fell hard and steady for hours, turning downtown into a skating rink. I saw a little Mazda Miata struggling up a hill, fishtailing. I saw other cars slammed into fire hydrants and poles. I saw buses sliding at angles, almost breaking at the seams. People should just STAY HOME when it gets this bad. Some people were even driving the WRONG WAY on 520 so they could get off at the nearest ramp. The entire region is paralyzed in the snow, which is why everyone should work from home if they can.

I hope things get better soon, but we are expecting another snow storm this weekend, which could mean WIND. I really hope the power doens't go out. Snow is one thing, but shivering in subzero temperatures in my own home sounds like toruture. It will be another fun day of 5am reporting on Monday, so I hope I kick this cold by then.


Travis said...

feel better did a great job yesterday morning.

Colleen said...

Ha! I am so glad I'm here during the snow instead of Seattle. I have a feeling the roads are MUCH WORSE in Seattle. I've spend the last three days either at work, sleeping or at the store stocking up on snow gear. I now have studded tires, snow boots for subzero temperatures, snow outfit, hat, hand warmers and I still need to get chains!

Lisa said...

I hope you stay warm and get well this weekend! You are missed.

Paula said...

One thing you can't argue with is sickness, no matter how irritating....and at least, you have the weekend for r&r, and hopefully some chicken soup. Definitely, in areas not used to snow, it throws things into chaos. I must say I am very happy with my Altima, with it's front wheel drive and desire to stay steady, so I've been able to drive to some extent in snow for the first time.