Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Top Ten Words

These are the words I am very tired of writing, reading, and hearing at the moment.

1. Snow
2. Storm
3. Hazardous
3. Economy
4. Fail
5. Bailout
6. The Big Three
7. Corruption
8. Layoffs
9. Senate Seat
10. Colonoscopy

Are there any words you're sick of right now?


McJumpguez said...

Colonoscopy? Haa haa haa!

Travis said...

"the white stuff" (seriously folks, that's gross AND no one but news/weather people say it)

"battling the blaze" (its a fire and no on is doing battle with it. what's wrong with fighting the fire? or working to put the fire out?

danielskiffington said...

Good call on those words, Travis. I have to say that I pretty much get all my news from the Internet these days and so I'm not really sick of any words. But it is so much easier to default to what comes to mind i.e. battling the blaze.

Melissa said...

"Horrific" it seems to be the word to describe murder and flat tires. I find it really irritating... almost irrationally irritating :)

Colleen said...

"sluggish economy"

That's two words, which is twice as bad.

Paula said...

Auto companies. UAW Union. Storm team. Freezing rain. I haven't been hearing much about colonoscopy? But I admit I don't watch much news.