Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Wonderland 2008

I bundled up this morning to take a walk in our snowy neighborhood. I love how the air is still and silent, the only sound is my red rubber boots crunching through a thin layer of ice. I shuffle through thick, powdery mounds. The snow blankets my yard, glazing my gingerbread house with vanilla frosting.
The cars are snow-c0vered hills in the driveway.

First for local news, traffic and weather. If I can dig the car out of the driveway tomorrow morning at 4am.When I was young, I loved snow days. I'd look outside and smile to see my street covered with snow, then I'd turn on the radio, anxious to hear about school closures. My siblings and I would throw on our snow gear, drag the sled onto our quiet street, and make snow cream, a tasty dessert with milk and sugar.

My footprints left gaping holes in the thick snow of my driveway as I trudged out to the street to check out the main road. It's the most effort I've undertaken in three days, and could feel my sick lungs wheezing a little bit.

Then back down to the house, where I don't think we'll be having an outdoor party anytime soon.

I see we did have a little company on our front porch. The only other footprints besides mine.

On these quiet snowy days, all I want to do is drink hot chocolate, or hot-buttered rum, and watch movies in my warm living room. I sometimes wish I had a job where I could call in a "snow day", and not worry about driving. However, this is David's 4th day straight inside, and I think he's getting a little cracked out with cabin fever. He's been upstairs whistling and singing strange harmonies to songs for hours. I guess I am glad I get to go out in the world on a snow day, and report the sights for all the drivers out there. I just wish it didn't have to be at the crack of dawn. Everybody stay safe out there!


Paula said...

Same deal in Portland! The snow is just beautiful but really alters the routine. Tell David to put on some warn clothes and go run a few laps. Believe it or not, my neighbor from Michigan was out doing that yesterday, while I walked through the falling snow to Albertson's, enjoying every minute. I most miss exercising because I can't drive to the gym, won't run in the snow, don't wanna do indoor calisthenics. So - I'm cooking, decorating for Christmas, cleaning my closet, working, hopefully not gaining 100 lbs.

McJumpguez said...

Yeah, we might head out here in just a bit to go enjoy it. Too bad Isaiah wasn't out in it with me last night, it was beautiful. Right now I have a feeling it will just be cracked snow with ice.

Emily said...

I made one of those snow concotions yesterday! It was tasty.

Lisa said...

Oh how beautiful. I love your home. We're all together, but it's on-line right now. I've spent my day sorting bills, cooking, and watching movies. I keep telling myself I'll walk to the PCC for eggs and bread, but just keep sitting here listening to Christmas music on the radio.