Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What are you going to be for Halloween?

I haven't dressed up for Halloween for years, nor carved pumkins. I haven't even had any trick or treaters.....EVER. I think I'll get more into the Halloween spirit someday when I have kids, and can see their delight when they become someone or something new for the night.

This year, though, I'm contemplating celebrating this strange holiday, where people become unrecognizable. How do we decide who to "be?" What drives us to want to change for one night? Do we feel like we can be more risky if we're not ourselves? I notice a lot of women use Halloween to suddenly become sexy vixens. I tried on one costume that was so short, I embarrassed myself even though I was alone in the dressing room. At the costume store yesterday, many of the costumes for women look more like they belong in a strip club than out on the cold, wet streets.

Maybe David and I could dress up as partners in something. He could be Captain Picard and I could be Counselor Troy. Hmmm. No. Or he could be a doctor and I could be a nurse. Too cliche. My favorite is him being the Phantom of the Opera and me being Christine, but he doesn't want to do that one. I'll probably just put on some of my own vintage clothes, my own vintage hat, some long gloves, and a brooch, and then buy a platinum blond wig and be Marilyn Monroe. I've always loved that old Hollywood glamour.

So tell me, how do you choose what to be for Halloween? Why do you like to dress up?


Paula said...

Someone who works for me went out last Halloween dressed as something conventional, and said virtually all the women in the clubs were dressed like prostitutes, strippers, or Brittney Spears. That thought is about the scariest one for Halloween! What's that about, and what happened to conventional imagination and the chance to be something else (is this the only thing these young women can think of to me? They've been watching too much MTV?) I will not dress up this year. However, my boyfriend said if we went out I should be I Dream of Jeannie and he would be the astronaut. Fun idea, though!

McJumpguez said...

I must be the one from left field cuz I like Halloween for the excuse to be sexy. I never consider myself sexy or dress sexy so Halloween is always a safety for me cuz most of the women are dressed the same, so I don't' stand out! But with that said, I'm going to be the the "ugly" person in the group this year. I'm going to be Ugly Betty! I wanted to be that cuz I admire her and I think her costume is easy to pull off, except for the braces. I haven't worked on the accessories yet, but if I don't, I think I'll still get my point across =)

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I'm dressing up as a wanna-be writer.

Oh wait, that's what I am already.


Kristin said...

Andrea - I've seen your Halloween costumes, and while they are sexy, they are still classy. You don't have your entire butt hanging out. I'm serious, some of the skirts end ABOVE the leg.

Eric - I also thought of dressing up as a "writer". hahaa. Maybe I'll do that and just carry and pencil and a pad of paper everywhere, plus a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Travis said...

Last year we went as Shaggy and Freddie...this year we're switching...AND now Sadie can be Scooby :)

Lisa said...

I love "theme" costumes. I want to go as the financial meltdown, but I'm not sure of the right way to be.

My thought so far, is getting some starched muslin and drawing on it with a sharpie, making it look like a 401(k) statement, then cutting holes in it.

Otherwise, I have no good ideas....

Neo said...

well obviously I could be a Pirate, and MsPirate could be my 1st mate or
I could as I did for the last few holloween festivities go a vampire
I can just be wasted.... lol
thinking this year I will just be me and that is of course strange enough for most.