Thursday, October 23, 2008

A bad ferry story

I guess I don't know how to ride the ferry as well as I thought. I feel terrible; it was my fault David missed it today. He's taking the car across the go to Microsoft to attend a conference and present over the next couple of days, and needs to be there by 9am. This morning, he wanted to leave at 630am to be sure to get there on time, but I just couldn't get ready. Pack lunch, pack the overnight bag (we're staying at his sisters in Redmond tonight), get dressed (which takes way too long), find work out clothes, locate shoes, blow dry my hair, get phone, makeup bag, etc. I was running around as fast as I could, and didn't even get fully ready. I ended up throwing a bunch of clothes in the car loose. David was frantic, pacing around and got the car packed by 620am. He even had time to make a banana pancake, but still, I just couldn't get my butt out the door.

Then, we got stuck at a light and watched about 15 cars go through ahead of us. That's when David said, "I think we're going to miss it, look at all those cars on the road." We hurried toward the boat anyway, and when we got there, sure enough the parking lot was full. He said, "It looks like we won't make it, huh." and I said, "yup, I'm so sorry." He drove me around to the passenger drop-off, and I boarded the boat. Once onboard, I looked back toward the parking lot, and they're LOADING MORE CARS from the line. I bet if he stayed in line he would have made it. I SUCK.

David isn't the angry type, but I tell he's feeling annoyed I didn't get out of there on time. He won't say anything or reprimand me, which makes me feel even worse. This is an important conference for him, and if he takes the 7:55am ferry, he'll get to Seattle by 830am, which *might* leave him enough time to get to Redmond, park, and get into the conference. I do know it will all work out just fine in the end, but that doesn't stop me from feeling bad about it.

And to add insult to injury, I forgot my lunch, which probably cost him the boat. I hope this isn't a clue to how the rest of the day works out!

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