Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm going to go jump off the deck now.

Just staring at that cup of coffee is making me salivate. I think any moment now, I might pick up my computer monitor and lick the screen. I have to fast to go to the doctor today, which means (gasp!) no caffeine, no food, no coffee, did I mention NO COFFEE! Apparently, the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal warrant this being fit into a psychiatric disorder. How I feel now definately fits:

-Headache, the most common symptom, which affects at least of 50 percent of people in caffeine withdrawal
-Fatigue or drowsiness
-"Unhappy" mood, depression, or irritability
-Difficulty concentrating

I keep stuttering during interview, and I'm not able to concentrate enough to put stories together. I accidentally published this post before I was done writing it, so now I'm editing before anyone reads it. I feel moody, and am going to bite off anyone's head who tries to send me to "unbreaking" news. JUST GIVE ME MY DAMN COFFEE.

I wish the photo on this blog was a scratch and sniff sticker.


Lisa said...

Wow, Kristin. I'm worried! What time do you get back from the doctor? I'll buy. Really.

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I totally hate that *fasting* stuff for tests.

Let them come up with different tests that don't require no food and coffee, Dammit!

This is 2008!

Anonymous said...

I have not had a cholesterol test for years because of that! (Crazy but I know I am healthy.) Amazing how not only physical addiction but the force of habit can completely send us off the deep end. I would hate to think of myself without coffee. So much that I never put myself in that position. But I know "the doctor made you do it". I hope it was worth it and he has good news for you. (Mom)

Colleen said...

I stopped coffee cold turkey once and it was horrible. I did it... but it was horrible. I couldn't remember simple number combinations. I forgot my parents phone number... the one I've been calling for 18 years. I was an airhead. Luckily, it only took about 2-3 weeks to even out and I was on the straight an narrow. Only to go back to drinking coffee two months later.