Monday, October 27, 2008


My Grandpa is one of my inspirations in life. Whenever I think I don't want to exercise, I think of him. He's about to turn 91-years old and takes no medications, and is healthier than a lot of 65 year olds I've met. He tells me the key to longevity is to keep the body moving, to not let the joints seize up or the muscles lapse. Him and my Grandma still love to sing together, her on the piano and him on the yukalele. They still dance to music from the 40's, and after 60 years of marriage, still treat each other with love and respect.

Another thing I love about my Grandpa is his sense of humor. He doesn't care what anybody thinks of him. One time he danced in jerky, spastic movements to African music at Saturday market in Portland, worrying some of the people walking by. One woman grabbed his arm and said, "Sir, are you all right?" He just laughed and kept on twitching.

My Grandpa is also very easy-going, it takes a lot to get him angry. He says if a person is being rude or annoying, he just ignores them.

Grandpa Paul is a World War Two veteran, and avid golfer, a musician, and the patriarch of my family.

I'm blessed to have such wonderful role models in my life, and hopefully someday, I will be like them.


Em said...

Mom sent me this's my favorite. I look up to both Grandma and Grandpa as well...they're kind of like the stability in our crazy extended family, haha. You and I should go down and visit!

Paula said...

Rock on, Dad! You're the best! Also...he is a man that doesn't talk a whole lot, but what he says is thoughtful and his insights linger. How do you get your kids to turn out well? "Just love them!" How do you stay so happy with all the turmoil of life. "Ignore as much as possible!" How do you stay so fit? "Don't stop moving." Even though nowadays his memory short circuits at times, he remains happy, sticking to a simple routine of yard work, golf, long walks, sleeping on the sun porch while watching golf, sitting in the back yard watching birds, planes, butterflies.....Gosh, my parents epitomize peacefulness and happiness and live the simple, good life as good people without excess material requirements and lots of love to give - also both living a fit and healthy lifestyle. They live and let live - supporting each other - I've never heard them criticize each other - my whole life! Gosh! What a rare species. and What a rude awakening the real world brought me. So now my kids have seen it, and may be the generation that can repeat it. And of course, it's not too late for any of us, even me! :-)

Melissa said...

Kristen I wrote my own inspired by yours :) Gkad he is still doing well

Travis said...

what an amazing grandpa you have, you are truly blessed. thanks for sharing him with us.

McJumpguez said...

My dad says the same thing, just keep moving. My dad is constantly working in the yard, on the house, doing his exercises before bed and he's very healthy. The only thing he's ever been sick with is Gout, and that's cuz he has a *healthy* appetite for meat! So he's had to cut back but other than that, he's way healthy!