Saturday, October 4, 2008

The blogosphere feels like an old friend

I've learned a lot about blogging over the past few months. The first time I left a comment on Eric Slocum's blog, I thought he would answer me at work the next day. I was surprised when he didn't mention anything about my comment. Then, I signed back onto his blog, and realized he'd answered me ON THE BLOG. That was my blogging "it" moment. Then Colleen gave me her blog, and told Dan and I that we had to "comment" if we were going to read it. Suddenly I understood what comments meant: a discussion, mini-dialogue, feedback on the writing. Since then, I love leaving comments and getting comments. I'm learning that its fun to leave comments on my own blog as a way to interact with people.

It's interesting that humans are such social creatures, that we have to relate on one level or another. All of us are probably sitting alone in our worlds, able to learn about each others lives through the world wide web. It reminds me of when people lived in small towns and communities, and would meet at a diner or coffee shop to talk and gossip. Now, we live in such big metropolisis, there's really no outlet for social interaction, so we've turned to the blog.

I've become quite fond of the blog, and meeting new people, and keeping in touch with old friends. Here's to many blogging months ahead!


Melissa said...

I know I'm borderline obsessive checking everyones blog. I started in 2005 and then stopped for awhile. Eric was the one who got me going again. Now I'm thrilled when a new person chimes in:)

Colleen said...

It's true. Although I appreciate anyone reading my blog - there is a certain exchange expected. Like a man standing on the street playing music for the public... at a certain point it's polite to tip since he's given you the gift of his music. With blogs, commenting is the replacement of a monetary tip :)

Travis said...

I agree. Comments are great... I have friends who feel like they can only comment once or only on a post a week. I say comment on EVERY POST several times...about every little thing you think of.

Truthfully I tell people anymore the best way to stay in touch with through text message and my blog.

Lisa said...

I haven't gotten into the text message thing. I think it's that over 45 eyesight going thing. (Wait till YOU get here!!!!)

But comments on blogs are like a little gift. I so appreciate the fact you guys have taken the time to read what I write, and it makes me feel more special when you spend a minute or so commenting.

Thanks, Kristin, for writing the truth!!

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I'm so addicted to blogging it's like a drug.

I love it. I just want to make sure we all get together every so often-- because even after one week I miss you all so much!!!!!!!!

- A - C - said...

It's so very true. Commenting gives such a boost to blogging.
This activity eventually help a community of like-minded people grow, regardless of gender, age and place.
Our sharing ideas and opinions is uplifting and shows some good does happen on this [almost spherical] planet.

DMartini said...

Great thoughts... Although, I personally think it was a shame if we would use blogging to replace 'real' (mean: in the physical universe) social contacts in alienated metros.

I think the use of www in this way is a two-edge sword: it connects distant people throughout the globe, and with the very same move inevitably creates a gap among the neighbors (take it with a pinch of salt :). Unquestionably, this is a new realm of our age. I think what counts is the 'right' balance among the various levels of our existence - the 'real' and the cyber; as Buddha said: the middle path. :)

Paula said...

DMartini, brilliantly stated. Anyways, good to hear that people like to have comments - I had wondered if it was cool or not to comment "too often", :-)

Travis said...

Eric we miss you too...and dmartini i agree face-to-face is TOO important to give up.

Personally I think for me..I have SO MUCH face-to-face time as a reporter that sometimes I crave a little of this kind of community. I think there's a good mix and a good balance.

danielskiffington said...

Good post, Kristin. Thanks for the shout out. Lets figure out our happy hour meeting at Daniel's.

Kristin said...

I think that I like the blogging community because I think I can get ideas and feelings across better through my writing. I love to write, and can think and analyze and state things that I normally wouldn't say. And I love all my blogging friends, how we can relate like this and have interseting discussions even though we don't see each other, or live in the same place. I do agree with having the balance between this and face-to-face, I'd hate to see computer interactions replace meaningful human connections. But who knows, maybe someday I will meet you all, and we can have "blogging coffee" together, in person.

- A - C - said...

@ kristin: when I was in NYC I met with two fellow bloggers, and it was a wonderful experience.
It felt like I knew these people somehow, each through their blogs. Probably our blogs tell more about ourselves than we are likely to admit.
My impression was like .. as if we were part of a net, in which there is sharing, common grounds as well as some differences and peculiarities.
All in all, meeting with those people made my staying in NY much more interesting and enjoyable, and I'm grateful they could spare some time for me.