Friday, October 10, 2008

The ferry is like marijuana

Right now, I feel surreal. I am floating upon dark, choppy water, waves highlighted peach from the setting sun. The ride is smooth, hypnotizing, the lull of the engine soothing my turbulent insides. We are plowing toward magnificent peaks, how could they be something other than that? Their hunched, craggy shoulders rising like beasts out of this ocean of water, hiding the sun from view with their giant hands. Orange and pink clouds are striations upon the sky, and I see another ferry in the distance. It's white against the purple waves, lights a yellow beacon.

I noticed the splendor of Seattle today, as I decided to walk to 1.68 miles from my work to the ferry terminal, with a 30 pound backpack. I noticed the little things, the way the reddening ivy clings to the legs of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. I walked beneath trees that are beginning to sleep, leaves of red and gold scattered across the spit-covered sidewalk. Even the sun itself looked cold, cloaked behind pale clouds, casting a yellow glow on buildings and people's faces. I think people look so beautiful in that light, fresh and illuminated.

An incredible calm settles in my soul as I sail toward those distant mountains. This is home. This is beauty. How am I this lucky.


Melissa said...

I feel the same way as I round the curve of I90 and drive into North Bend. How an I be so lucky to live out here with the bears, elk, coyotes and bunnies?

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

The fact that you write on transit-- about transit-- makes you a kindred spirit.

Thank you for sharing the journeys. There is something about commuting with the masses-- on public transportation-- that is mysterious to me.

Reading and writing about it helps me move closer to understanding it.

danielskiffington said...

You really are a great writer Kristin. Keep it up!

- A - C - said...

How many things can we learn from a seemingly dull ferry ride. Your keen mind and attitude is a precious gift.
In addition, this post may well be the beginning of a novel. Have you thought of it?

Kristin said...

seattle is truly one of the most beautiful places I've seen, and I never want to get tired of that gift.

And A-C, my ultimate dream is to write a book, or hundreds, but I need to get a topic down in my brain. Or maybe I should just WRITE it, and see what happens!

Paula said...

Artificial highs are only a pale shadow of what real natural highs can do for you! I get such highs from sprinting, from the beauty of nature, from having a great day at work (strong sales, happy wonderful customers), from the feeling of love!