Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Home again, Home again

I wish I was a good photographer so I could capture the beauty of "magic hour" on Bainbridge Island. This is the time when the sun is beginning its descent. It makes colors vivid and defines the lines on buildings. Trees are glowing fire red and orange against a shockingly white sky. Clouds are brushstrokes, flowers sigh in the breeze. I always want to get the camera out and take pictures of the entire panorama, but I know if I was to photograph it well, I'd focus on small things. Maybe the dying red flowers flanked by grassy tassles. Maybe the way the melting sun hits the bark on a maple. I love it here so much, and am so glad to be home. I'm sitting at a cafe near the ferry, just enjoying the vast sky and a glass of red wine, waiting for my bus ride home.

Last night I stayed in another beautiful place: North Bend, Washington. I love seeing Mount Si tower over the small town. I love the scent of the trees and winding river, and of course, I love seeing my wonderful friend Abby. We went out to eat and talked for three hours, and the next day I wanted to go hiking instead of drive to work. It's such a gift to live somewhere with such visual splendor.


Melissa said...

Hey that's my neck of the woods, welcome! That field you took the picture of is usually populated by the elk herd that lives around here. I consider myself lucky to ake every morning to Si out my back window:)

Kristin said...

I thought you lived in that area. I was staying with my friend who has an unruly (but very sweet) dog and was thinking of you. You train and walk dogs, right? I should tell Abby!

Melissa said...

Yeah, feel free:)Unruly dogs are my life

- A - C - said...

You may not be able to capture images with photography (although I am sure it is only a matter of exercise + the right tools) but you surely captured images with your words.
The beauty of this place oozes through your description and your sensations add grace and imagery.

McJumpguez said...

Um, wow!
And as I recall, you took AMAZING photos of Colorado when you were there, so as much as you *think* you're not a photographer, you are =) Sometimes since we're untrained, we get lucky. As AC said, it's comes with practice . . . maybe I should take my own advice . . . ?