Monday, October 6, 2008

Just another manic (steamy) Monday.

No not steamy in a good way, like McSteamy or McDreamy, in a bad, hot flash type of way. This boat feels like everyone's sweat particles lifted themselves from people's bodies and decided to have a party in the air. I feel like I'm in a tropical rainforest, a steam room, a sticky locker room after a football game, minus the hot guys.

Sometimes I get frustrated by the 7:05am sailing to Seattle because it's so jam packed, and I'm very picky as to who I sit by, or across from. I pass by bench after bench, deciding in a flash whether a guy is "too creepy" to sit near. I don't know what it is about him that makes me decide this. I bypassed one guy in a low baseball cap and stringy beard, stuffing his face with yogurt. I did a full loop on the boat before I found a "decent" place to sit. It has to have a power cord, and of course, people who don't look scary. I prefer sitting by women but it seems like they all know each other and stick together in groups like a school of fish. I just need to get in the "in" crowd, and find some "benchmates".

It's also very moist outside today. What people don't understand about Seattle is the fact that it does not rain here, it mists. The mist fills the sky and air with a murky gray, and sticks to my skin. Many cities in the United States have higher rain records than Seattle, since there are DOWNPOURS and thunderstorms, which result in many inches of rain. Mist is so light that it could mist every day of the year, and still not rain as much as Atlanta. I'm on the ferry right now and can't see anything out the window, it feels like we're plowing through a gigantic misty curtain.

It's Monday, a day slow to wake up, a day where I might need an extra coffee. I'll relax into my week soon, and get back on my routine with David again since he is (finally!!!!!!) back and I am very thrilled. He got in at 940pm last night so I didn't feel like I got to spend much time with him before I jumped on the ferry again. Anyway, Monday will soon be over, and I'll get to go home and barbecue some salmon, and relax. Happy first of the week everyone, drink coffee and stay strong!


Paula said...

Great descriptive writing and vivid imagery. Just think, right around the corner is what I call "hypothermia" weather in Portland - drizzle coupled by biting cold. I assume you guys get that up there, too. Yeah, good your man is back! My man is gone, and I can't wait to see him, but am enjoying the missing him and stepping back to think of all I like about him.

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I just love your writing about travel and transit. In a way I'm jealous, because your travels on the ferry are so filled with wonderful characters.

I just love reading about your travels.

Paula is quite correct about your writing. It is awesome. Such a pleasure to read.

- A - C - said...

A pleasure to read indeed, considering you have (at least) one follower from across the ocean... ;-)