Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wedding Day!

The wedding was a huge sucess, with amazing brunch, a espresso bar and a full service alcohol bar.

But first, the dress, which took 30 minutes to put on.

Then, off the to Salish lodge by 930 for pictures. Below is Abby and all her flower girls, which are her nieces.

Then, the bride walks down the aisle and gets married!

Then, time for dancing and the very green cake!!

My friend Deborah and I!! We had a great time dancing!

My Mom and her boyfriend, Dana. They stayed at the house with us after the wedding and we had a blast dancing and playing music.


Travis said...

what a beautiful dress, beautiful ceremony, and beautiful bride.

I won't knock anyone elses wedding, but the green cake is certainly a unique choice? I'm assuming green is a favorite color or has some other importance?

Kristin said...

Green is her favorite color, haha. You can see, the sashes on the bridesmaid dresses are also green, and I think there were even green ROSES in the banquet room. Yeah, that green cake looked electric.

Lisa said...

I LOVE her dress! And yours too. The green sash is a very pretty touch.

Looks like she went with a green fondant for the icing layer, instead of a frosting. That's probably why it looks so intense. But I give them credit for the theme.

And the lacing at the back of the dress is such a smart touch. Wedding fittings last for months, and brides are always dieting for their big day. The lacing takes away the need for more pinnings and re-fittings. You can just cinch the lacing to perfect the fit. SMART! And, very pretty too.

I love weddings.....

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Really beautiful Bride and thanks for taking us along. It was a great adventure because you're a talented storyteller. Thanks for sharing your journey.

Colleen said...

Yes, that neckline suits you well. I remember when you were picking it out. Haha. I love that place for a wedding. So beautiful!

Abby said...

Kristin-- Thanks so much for posting those beautiful pictures. It was the best day of my life-- and I am so glad you were a bridesmaid!!