Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I never thought Seattle was muggy until I visited Denver. When I arrived last night, I immediately felt a slime land on my skin, that hasn't left since. The air feels so moist and thick, and smells delicious, of salt water and pine. When I went to bed last night, I had a hard time sleeping since my sheets felt sticky and wet. I think it's all the humidity caused by the drizzle these past few days, and I'm just not used to it. It is good to be home, I'm on the ferry and it's absolutely stunning right now. Fog hugs the land, and the tips of trees point out from the top. Everything is painted in shades of yellow and blue as the sun rises.

Now, let's go back to Denver and remember the 90 degree days, and the sight-seeing. I can't believe it's 30 degrees cooler here!

These cows are outside the art museum, which is an incredible building made out of titanium.

Obama-mania below. Tents and performers filled up the entire park near the Capitol Building.

We then moved to Laramer Square, a popular street with bars and bistros, where we watched "important people" escorted by secret service and FBI agents.
I was sitting eating my lunch when a woman stopped a man and I heard this exchange.
"Governor! This is the Governor of West Virginia!"
"Hello, how are you doing?" The Governor says.
"Great!" says the woman, "I just saw Senator Biden down the street. He was eating a pork sandwich".

It was painful for me to leave Denver, as a reporter. It's like pulling a bandage off an open wound. The excitement, the activity, I was blocks away from all the major delegates from our state, just BLOCKS away from that, and from the Pepsi Center, where all the speeches have been held. I'm cringing as I watch the DNC on televison now, and I can't help thinking, "I was there. I would have covered it for FREE."


Paula said...

Great photos, Kristin! Maybe if it is in your blood to report on extremely happening events, you need a national calibre job! (Or at least a more tuned-in job that recognizes a good opportunity.)

Travis said...

Kristin - you are such a talented writer and photographer. I wish you could just blog full time, it suits you very well.

thanks for sharing your denver trip with us!