Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Election Day

I try to live my life as a graceful person: letting people go before me, waiting for people to finish speaking before I cut in, driving slowly and politely. All those efforts go out the window when I'm a reporter.

I tackled my first election party last night - this one for Governor Chris Gregoire. I scanned the packed room like a hawk, looking for victims. A photographer from TV pointed them out, and I pounced. Congressman Jim McDermott was in the hallway, talking to a woman. I waited patiently for just a moment, then almost tripped the woman in my haste to get to the Congressman. I leapt to his side, rather ungracefully, and stuck my recorder in his face.

I also had to be live on the radio every half an hour, which meant all the people standing around, drinking and laughing, were obstacles. I cut in front of people, tripped yet another guy on my stampede to the computer. Never mind that I stole a seat from a table meant for election volunters and campaign supporters.

I love putting on the "reporter face", and being assertive. I just hope in the future, I learn not to step on so many toes.


McJumpguez said...

I know, you are the nicest, sweetest person, I can't imagine you being pushy! But at the same time, I would like to see it because perhaps I can learn how to be that way. One of my problems is that I'm not assertive enough. In your industry, you gotta, in mine? Well, you gotta also, but I don't wanna . . . I can't reconcile the two: sweet and graceful to pushy and assertive. Dunno. Tips?

Sue said...

You go, girl! You gotta do it, because no one else is gonna do it for you, that's for sure. Just be sure to quit before road rage gets the better of you, like me! ha