Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Back has Her to thank

I saw it in their eyes as I walked into the bank yesterday.


The two women sitting by the door were perfectly manicured with their styled and dyed hair, makeup, clothes, and I felt their eyes watching me as I withdrew money.

"That girl needs a lesson in COOL."

I laughed to myself, and tightened the strap around my waist even more, so my 30 pound pack could sit on my hips. Yes, I know it looks extremely unfashionable to wear the waist strap on a pack, and heaven forbid should I tighten the chest strap. I see people everyday lugging these huge backpacks that pull on their shoulders, waist strap dangling. I got tired of killing my poor back.

One day at work I complained about my sore back, when Colleen spoke up.

"Do you wear the waist strap?"

"No, it wouldn't look good with my outfit."

"Girl, I used to walk around the U-dub, and pulled that waist strap as TIGHT as it could get."

If Colleen could do it, I could do it. My back has her to thank, and I really don't care that I look dorky. I'm OK with myself. The dork in me is proud.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, been there, done that many times. The satisfaction is knowing the quality of shallow life that judgmental plastic people live, and how I wouldn't trade an authentic and functional one with them for a minute. (Mother Dork)

Lisa said...

Truth is, plastic people are miserable the minute they stop to see how meaningless their lives are, so they fill their days with external criticisms of others. You go, girl!

Travis said...

wear that strap...keep your back as healthy and free of pain as you possibly can. I'm afraid of the day my back starts to ache...because I dont think you ever can go back to a time when it doesnt