Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mile High City

David and I bought our tickets to Denver, Colorado last night. We decided to go to Denver for our mini vacation becuase its half as expensive as Alaska. This time of year, Alaska tickets are over 400 dollars! Denver is less than 200.

We're going to visit some of David's friends and relatives there, and head to the mountains. We also might see a Beatles revival band at Red Rocks ampitheatre.

I haven't spent much time in Colorado, but I love alpine meadows and lakes. We also might go white-water rafting.

Have any of you been to Denver? Do you have any advice where to visit?


Lisa said...

My day in Denver consisted of visiting the ballpark and a brew pub across the street. It was fun, the Rockies won, and the beer was great!

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I don't know much about Denver. However-- if the Beatles tribute band is RAIN, they are damn good. You'll enjoy.

I've been to Denver many times, but only to rent a car and drive into the Rockies to ski. (By the way-- I'm a very sucky skier.

Travis said...

Denver is a great city....maybe drive out to Golden...and Red Rocks is amazing.

If you are lucky enough to be there during a thunder/lighting storm it is spectacular.

there are several sections of town that have undergone an amazing districts kind of like Portland's pearl district.

Oh and if you get a 9News. Its one of the top 2 best local tv operations in the country. (the other best is KARE11 in Minneapolis).

Kathleen said...

Oh, Denver is fun! I visited there in March; one of my best friends lives there. We spent a really fun day in Boulder, just hanging out and walking around and window shopping. It was kind of low-key because we both had our babies with us, but I am sure it would be fun without kids as well. We also talked about driving up to Estes Park (up in the mountains; I went there as a kid and remember thinking it was beautiful) but we didn't have time while I was there.

I hope you guys have a great trip!

Angela Joy Schonberg said...

Kristin! My roommate is from Denver, Colorado! WE share the same love for the west side:)
Have so much fun! She keeps talking about her place- so I am looking forward to visiting her this winter for a ski trip.
Also, I have 3 friends going there aug. 20-29 the democratic convention is going on there. How exciting!