Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sometimes I forget.......

That when I'm anchoring, there are actually people listening to me. It seems so solitary, sitting in this dark booth with soundproof walls, talking into a big metal appliance. Sometimes people come in to visit, but most of the time yesterday, it was just me. I only realized people were listening when I did a contest, and saw the phones light up. It distracted me, and then I goofed on the air.

I've loved playing with sound as long as I remember. I still have the beat up "vacation" tapes somewhere,....with me and my trusty tape recorder. I "interviewed" my parents, described what I was seeing, even rubbed my recorder in kitty food to see what it sounded like. I have many of these tapes with my squeaky voice, and have loved the art of radio and recording ever since.

In high school and college I loved journalism. To me, journalism is finding the truth and bringing it to people via the airwaves or newsprint. It's being an advocate for the masses, holding politicians accountable, informing people so they can make decisions about their lives. It's tugging on people's heartstrings so they feel compelled to help others. But sometimes when I observe the mass media, this idea of journalism is long gone. Now its laced with opinions, blood and guts, sensationalism.

Today, when I'm anchoring and talking to each and every person sitting in their cars, I hope that my voice informs and provides companionship. I want each person to know they are not alone, and that someone out there is advocating for them.

What does journalism mean to you?


Lisa said...

Wow, that's such a great post, Kristen. You are a wonderful writer and a deep thinker. And to hear the way you've always played with sound makes me smile.

Me Too!!!

However, anchoring is also my favorite thing to do. I like to describe the work we do at KOMO as "living in a closet and talking to a sponge". But I'm always interested to challenge myself to see the different ways I can bring the information.

And I take great pride in knowing my ultimate job is to help you get home. I want you to know the world didn't blow up, and that you are safe and sound. Just let me help you home.

McJumpguez said...

You know, I have a love/hate relationship with Journalism. I want to feel like I can trust my journalist to tell me what I *need* t o know, not what they want me to know. There are many things I feel are none of my business like the extramarital affairs of my politicians. I dunno, sometimes I feel reporters, as you said with the bloods and guts, can go overboard so I try not to watch it so much. I want to know the weather, I want to know local news, good and bad (more good please) but that's pretty much it. call me pleasantly naive . . . I'm sure people have problems with that. (Plus I'm not making my point very clear anyway.)

Travis said...

Kristin I think you are a talented reporter and a wonderful anchor. Its been a joy hearing you this week during the middays.

In the same way you played with sound as a kid...I played TV News. I guess no matter what I say...and no matter how much fun I have in radio...my heart really does belong to TV.

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

I totally relate with all of this.

I remember times on television where I was thinking about what I needed to pick up on the way home-- WHILE I was reading about a murder, or some other assorted mayhem.

I think this proves that you're a professional. Your post obviously comes from someone who knows a thing or two about broadcasting.

And that's you.