Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ouchie Ouch!

I'm sitting on the ferry right now and have to hold my head at a precise angle as to not feel a tearing pain in the middle of my back. I can't lean forward, or tilt too far to the right or the left. I'm starting to feel depressed, and want this pain to go away. I can't believe some people live with pain like this every single day, for years on end.

It happened yesterday playing tennis. I was already feeling a little sore in my left shoulder (I think from sleeping poorly), and I hyper-extended while running to get a difficult shot. I could almost hear the streeeeeetch of that poor muscle. Now I'm guessing I strained it; it's not that "good" sore feeling from working out too hard. It's a pinching, biting pain.

I love playing tennis, but had to settle for bumping balls over the net for David to practice his stroke. That didn't hurt, because I wasn't putting any energy into it, and at least I was on the court. I have tennis courts reserved tomorrow and Thursday, and I'm so afraid I'll have to cancel. I want to play! I hate missing tennis!

I am feeling angry at my shoulder, and keep sending it negative thoughts. I should probably change that, and send healing energy to my muscle. My shoulder didn't force me to play yesterday, and didn't force me to rush for that shot. OUCH.


Lisa said...

My acupuncturist can take care of this very quickly for you. Her name is Chunlin Gao and she's on the 8th floor of the Medical-Dental Building between 5th & 6th and Olive. Here's her number:

She's covered by our insurance plan.

- A - C - said...

impulsive girl....