Monday, March 9, 2009

I have a crush

When I saw No Country for Old Men last year, I remember my friend Abby leaning over the whisper in my ear.

"I know you can't believe it now, but Javier Bardem is actually really good looking. I saw him in a comedy."
"No way," I responded.

He played a serial killer in No Country, and absolutely scared the living dickens out of me. I'd never seen him before, and thought he encapsulated evil. Whenever I saw him on the screen, my palms would sweat and I felt incredibly nervous.

Then, last night I saw him in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. He played a creative, intellectual, seductive artist living in Spain. Was this the same man? How could it be?

I couldn't keep my eyes off him in this movie. I loved the romanesque nose, the steamy, brown almond eyes, his voice, the unique, interesting face. I loved the character. Even David said, "Wow, that guy's a stud." This is after both of us were seriously disturbed after No Country.

I had a dream last night that had alternate endings for Vicky Cristina Barcelona. This isn't a giveaway, don't worry. In my dream, people were hunting him with big guns, even though he was a cute artist. They were trying to shoot him in his own home, and he was shooting people back. Who IS this guy? I just can't wrap my head around it since he played such different parts in these two movies.

To me, this is what makes an incredible actor. He deserved the academy award he received for No Country for Old Men. He is so versatile that it leaves me stunned. I am going to now run out and rent all the Spanish movies he's ever done.

It also goes to show that what really makes someone good-looking or bad-looking is their personality. He was truly awful in Old Country, and very lovable in Vicky Cristina. I think I have a crush. A big one. This man is truly amazing.


Lisa said...

He is hot....but I also think he looks a lot like Robert Downey Junior.

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

We need more Bardems and less Cruises.

dog grrrrl said...

I think I had a crush on everyone in that movie. My Angelina girl crush went away when she became Mother Theresa (sorry my fantasy and 12 children just isn't it for me)but both of those women with him? sigh

Paula said...

Well, another reason to see that movie! Yeah, amazing how people can change/be changed, depending on personality and how they pull themselves together.

Abby Bernd said...

He is so cute and amazing!