Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yes, I'm a cheater

For a few hours every week, I like to play Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii. This is an adventure game, where you have to figure things out, find clues, and fight monsters. I love entering fantasyland, where I wield a sword and explore strange new worlds. However, as Link, I have no patience.

I like when the game goes smoothly, where I spend a certain amount of time on my own trying to figure something out. But when I can't figure it out fairly quickly, I log onto the Internet, go to favorites, and look at "Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough." This shows the entire game, step by step. I used it when I couldn't figure out how to beat 3 shadow monsters, or where I needed to go next. I sorta feel guilty when I do this, like I should spend the hours other people spent to figure out the puzzles.

But you know.....I don't have time to spend 3 hours trying to figure out one monster. I'm not a huge gamer, and want to have fun when I play, not be frustrated. I wish the "Walkthrough" had existed when I played Zelda on the Super Nintendo in the 90's, because I became so frustrated that I just quit.

Is it wrong to cheat on video games? Does this mean I can't stick it through the tough spots?

When I start to feel guilty I just remind myself - it's just a video game. It's not real life.


Kelly said...

Life doesn't come with a cheat manual so it's OK to sneak answers where we can get them for the small things. Plus it's a game you're playing for fun...if you have more fun this way I say go for it!

Grater Good said...

When I played the ORIGINAL Zelda on the ORIGINAL Nintendo we had a way to cheat too. We passed notes and exchanged tips during classtime. Now with the Interweb we can just focus on our studies! ;)

McRiguez said...

Oh, I cheated all the time! There were actual manuals that had secret passage ways and such, that's why I got to a high level with Yoshi and Super Mario 2. I got Castlevania (it's my favorite) for Play Station 2 but there were certain spots I just could not pass. I haven't played that in about 3 years but I noticed then, I would get frustrated and just stop playing. If I couldn't figure it out I just couldn't figure it out. Man, I should have just logged on the internet and cheated!

Travis said...

heck yes, I cheat on the Wii thanks to the internet all the time!!!

Paula said...

You might have some slack on video games as opposed to real life commitments! :-) I asked your brother, the video game wiz, for his take: "The whole point of the game is to figure it out, so I try. But if I'm really stuck, I'll cheat (look up the answer). It's only about me so it is not like I am cheating someone." Astute advice?