Friday, March 13, 2009

Go ahead, Twitterize Me

I thought I'd be one of those people who'd never use twitter. Useless chatter, I always thought. Useless technology. Well, look at me now. I'm addicted.

I love twitter because it allows me to see brief headlines in the lives of friends and politicians, my favorite bloggers, the news, the theater, the bus schedule, anything I sign up for. It's such an easy way to disseminate information in a quick, speedy manner.

It's interesting that we need all this technology to stay in touch, as we move further and further away from human interaction. The human race is social, we need to feel connected to each other. Before, we lived in villages, now we live in online worlds. Sometimse I wonder if we'll ever move back toward getting to know our neighbors. I don't know any of my neighbors.

I feel as though I have plenty of real human interaction, that Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter aren't really taking the place of that. But I do feel a little apprehensive that one day, we'll all just sit in our own bubbles, twittering away our lives.


Lisa said...

Interesting point, and I really wonder. I'm kind of afraid to call people on the telephone, actually. (don't know why.....I've always been this way).

It makes my solitary life feel much less solitary.


Paula said...

Well, we had an example of a low tech evening last night, with cousin Tim playing wonderful piano music, while my folks and a neighbor and I sat around and.....talked!...face to face.