Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Springing Forward

On Sunday David and I went on a walk down to Faye Bainbridge State Park, where we sat on wooden chairs and stared at the rolling ocean, the snow-capped mountains. I heard the call of an eagle, saw seagulls playing in the surf. And on our way back home, I searched for evidence. Like a detective, I stared at branches on trees and bushes, looking for any sign of spring. And I saw it, tiny buds waiting to unfurl new life. I looked at the flower beds outside our front door and saw shoots of purple and pink. I was afraid our rare February snow would stunt the arrival of spring, but thankfully, I think I'm wrong.

Spring is my favorite time of year. I feel like those buds, slowly awakening to more light and warmer air. Something inside me stirs and comes alive. I feel like there is an end to the long tunnel of winter, that pulls my heart and mind down. I love that there is light in the morning when I wake up at 630am, like the earth is waking up with me, instead of me waking up the earth.

The only thing I'm dreading this year is the early arrival of "Spring Forward", setting our clocks forward one hour. It's happening THIS WEEKEND. Yes, it will be wonderful to have light in the evening until 630pm, but I think I'd rather have it at 630am. Once again, I'll be thrust into darkness every morning, looking forward to the light, that's not quite attainable yet.


dog grrrrl said...

I totally disagree...although I do see your point since you get up early. I'm so looking forward to being able to go to the lake after dinner and walk the dog. Oh and have a boyfriend who can stay awake. I've never met anyone before who is so reliant on light

Lisa said...

Just remember, until June 21st, you can look forward to 2-and-a-half more minutes of light a day! Heck, that's 17-and-a-half minutes a week! 35 minutes in 2 weeks, and in four minutes, an hour and 10 minutes!

You won't be in the dark for long.

Dan-Eric Slocum said...

Your descriptions are wonderful, Kristin. I love reading your posts because you paint the word pictures with such precision.

You are a hero. A great writer.

Emily said...

It's this weekend? Ahhhh! I wake up at 6 every morning and feel your pain.

Paula said...

For me, daylight savings is the herald of spring. I really dislike doing errands in the dark, and feel so tired when it's dark when I leave work. When the days are tangibly longer I feel that yes, one day, summer will actually be here. I'd rather have it dark when I slog off to the gym at 6 a.m. I'd say spring would be my favorite time of year if I lived in the desert, where the weather would be mild and wildflowers blooming. In the PNW, I'll have to take SUMMER!!!!! (For me, fall a close second.) But - Spring is exciting, for it means winter is coming to an end. And because it starts with both my boyfriend's and my mom's birthdays.