Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm so glad I went back

I cheated on my hairdresser when he moved to a new location. I couldn't help it. He abandoned me, leaving to better his own life. How dare he! I used to get off work take the bus 5 minutes to the salon on 1st street, then hop the bus to my ferry. After he moved, I'd have to drive through traffic to Greenlake, which is just oh so far. I thought it would be a huge hassle with my ferry schedule, so I went looking for another stylist. I saw a short woman who talked too much, her words biting like darts after a long day at work. I saw a large boisterous man who looked Middle Eastern, but told me he was a Mexican named David who constantly got stopped at the airport because people confuse him with the Taliban. I saw a tall, feminine man who took an hour and a half to cut my hair and left it looking the same. Oh how I missed my hairdresser.

I went months without seeing the pleasant man who'd do magic with my hair, who knew when to talk and when to be quiet. Oh how I'm glad I went back. This is my second time, and I haven't regretted it one bit. Today he was particulary giving, and massaged my shoulders and head for longer than normal. He didn't talk much, which is fine because I'm feeling tired and drained. I love the salon, it's bright colors and vintage appeal. I feel like I've walked into the 50's when I see the girl at the front desk with a flowered dress and pumps.

Picking a good hairdresser is like picking a good boyfriend, or best friend. You need someone who will anticipate your needs, who knows what you like, who can read your moods. I'll never cheat on him again.

So if you ever need a good cut, in a relaxing atmosphere, head to the Beehive Salon near Greenlake and ask for Mitchell. You won't be disappointed.


Colleen said...

Your hair looks faboooo!

Kelly said...


Travis said...

I'm glad you went back!

I've followed Mitchell to 4 different salons...and the move is worth it each and every time. He's an absolute rawk*star in my book.

your hair looks great! (im seeing him Saturday)

McRiguez said...

Oh I love it! Wish me luck in two weeks!

Paula said...

What a cute picture! That is a cute haircut. I like my hairdresser, but sometimes long for a different vision. However, my hair is so fine there is probably not much that can be done with it. :-( But the current gal has done more than most have been able to, and I adore her, so will probably hang with her.