Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm an oddball

I have a fascination with quirks. I think our individual quirks and oddities are what make us individuals. I realize that I am a strange person through talking to my friends, or David, and they say, "You do WHAT?" It always cracks me up. Here are 10 quirks or mine, and I'm sure there are thousands more:

1) I hate florescent lights
2) Wrinkly bathtub fingers give me the creeps
3) Lack of sleep makes my skin clammy
4) Hard rock music hurts my stomach
5) I shred my cuticles
6) I don't like heating up my food at work when others are in the kitchen
7) My driving makes people carsick
8) I hate the dentist, and haven't been in 3 years.
9) Commercials drive me mad, so I avoid television
10) Certain fabrics make my skin crawl

And here are some quirks that drive me BONKERS:

1) People popping their gum
2) The squishy sound of bananas in someones mouth
3) Someone crunching carrots or popcorn
4) Incessant tapping noises
5) Speech mannerisms where every sentence ends in a question

So, there you go. I told you I was a weirdo. What are some of your quirks? What drives you nuts?

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McRiguez said...

Oh, don't forget not turning on the lights when you shower in the morning. I think that's weird.

Hmmm. I'm super weird but when put on the spot, I'm not sure . . .

1)I can't have dinner for breakfast, but I can have breakfast for dinner.

2)I like dipping pretzels in cherry yogurt.

3) I hate being barefoot.

4) I hate when people clear their throats over and over with no end in sight.

5) I can't sleep if my feet are cold or my hair is wet.

6) I need all the covers tucked in under the bed so I can't quite move.

7) I too attack my cuticles.

8) My hair is really important to me, so if I'm having a bad hair day, it's really hard for me to get out of the mood (sad but true.)

9) I think the ideal picnic should always include a bolonga sandwich on white wonder bread.

10) I loved trick or treating on halloween, but I didn't eat the candy.

11) I have a sweet tooth, but I don't like candy very much.

12) I don't eat chocolate, but I love chocolate cake.

13) I love bananas, but not anything banana flavored. Same goes with cinnamon.